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Posted February 20, 2016

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A Weekend wine ... for a weeknight price.
That's the first thing that came to mind after tasting today's deal.  The wine below is one that our team knows well.  After incredible success with a previous vintage of this wine, we were thrilled to be able to work up a flat out amazing deal on the 2009 release ... at the lowest price in our history!
Bottom line - finding wine at this quality level ... for this price ... is almost impossible.  Add in the huge press in Robert Parker's the Wine Advocate ... and this has the makings of one of our best value based wines in recent memory!
92 Points - Luis Gutierrez - Robert Parker's the Wine Advocate
List Price - $25
Sale Price - $14.99
Buy 12 or more - $12.50 plus free shipping when you use the code LPLUS
"Give me something that tastes like it costs 2-3 times the price"
This is that wine ... and at $12.50 - it's a flat out steal
Who doesn't love finding a great deal!  Especially those that fall into the $7-$15 price point which is an ideal spot at times for popping a bottle during the week.  The challenge is always finding those bottles that really over deliver for the price.  Wines that you can buy at $15, but taste like a $30-$40 wine.
That's where this wine really shines.  
Previous vintages of this wine have shown suggested pricing as high as $45.  This vintage shows a $25 list price from the Wine Advocate and our price today, of just $12.50 per bottle marks the lowest price we have offered this wine in history ... and on top of that ... it earned a huge score from the Wine Advocate!  Dollar for dollar .... this is a flat out fantastic deal!

The Review Says it All:
Readers of Robert Parker's the Wine Advocate may remember this 92 Point review

"The 2009 Lavia Plus was cropped from a very wet growing season and marked by a huge snow storm. It's pure Monastrell from old vines on the typical chalky, stony soils from Bullas at 750 meters altitude. The nose shows plenty of sweet spices, cinnamon and vanilla and a core of ripe, but not overripe, fruit. The palate is medium-bodied, surprisingly light and fresh (the color is also quite light for what I expected) with pungent acidity and marked flavors. The profile is a little unusual, as I don't really see much Monastrell or Mediterranean character (it feels more Atlantic!). I wouldn't guess grape or zone in a blind tasting in a million years, but hey, the wine is really good and pleasant. The fruit is red rather than black and there's even a citric edge to it." - 92 Points
Those are the words of Luis Gutierrez from Robert Parker's the Wine Advocate.  After tasting it for yourself, you will quickly see why this is indeed such an amazing wine ... at a flat out incredible price!

The What, Who, and Why:
Learn more about the appellation, varietal and more.

The appellation of Bullas is located in the south east of Spain.  It is a higher altitude region with very harsh-rocky soils that really become expressive in the wines.  There is a huge influence of weather and climate from the Mediterranean Ocean that gives it its unique minerality and flavor profile. 

When we tasted this wine, we couldn’t help to notice the integration of red fruit and earth, balanced with the nuances of oak.  The wine is 100% Monastrell (Mouvedre) and drinks as if it were made in the Southern Rhone.  

Molino y Lagares is a small winery located in the area called Venta del Pino with a beautiful landscape and a long tradition in vine growing. The Molino y Lagares Project was conceived in 2003 when a group a wine lovers joined to create a winery with the main aim of producing quality wines from their own vineyards grown beside the winery in an organic way.  All the vineyards in the MG Wine Group are certified organic and are made to really express the natural flavors of the grape aligned with the terroir they are grown on. 



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