French Revolution: Why You Should Get Excited About Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Rhone

Posted December 26, 2014

Ian Dorin


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What are the first three French wine regions that come to mind? Go ahead and list them off in your head.

If you jumped right to Bordeaux, Burgundy, and The Rhone, we’d hardly be surprised. These three have historically been the most important regions in France, and arguably the entire wine world. Whether you’re talking about the origins of noble grapes, the historical significance in winemaking, or the most collectable wines on earth, these three areas dominate any list or conversation.

So when we say that we’re focusing a massive 24 hour sale on them (ends Saturday, December 27th at 12 noon), you need to understand the significance of that statement. Let’s take a look at each region and talk about why you should be excited.


Rich in history, and the area that really created the collecting frenzy over the last dozen years, Bordeaux is chock full of names that break the language barrier. No matter where you go in the world, wine drinkers know the biggest names of Bordeaux. It's also the own region with a recognized hierarchy of wineries, not just vineyards. Ranging the whole scope of production from bulk to boutique, red to rose, and dry to sweet, this amazing area has something to offer anyone!


If Bordeaux was the catalyst to the wine pricing frenzy, the Burgundy was the bomb that really set it off. The motherland of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, almost nowhere else in the world can you find such a vast array of wines from only two major grapes! Unlike Bordeaux and it's grand estates, most Burgundy producers own many fragmented parcels of vineyard spacing that yields microscopic quantities of wine. With quality reaching new heights, it's no wonder collector's are spending top dollar for the rarest of the rare!


The Rhone Valley has lurked in the shadows of Bordeaux and Burgundy for years, but with a hot streak stretching across 15 years now, it's easily the most consistent area in the world for high quality. Thriving on it's own set of unique, high quality varieties, it's easy to argue that some of the world's best examples of Syrah, Grenache, Marsanne, Roussanne, and Viognier hail from this vast area. Split in to the Northern Rhone and Southern Rhone, these two areas accomplish quality in two very different ways. The North thrives on Syrah and a variety of white grapes, which sit on steep hillsides of various rocks. In the South, Grenache is king, and blending is very common, yet the vineyards are more flat and warm than the north. White wine is quite common as well, and offers more of an early-consumption style. If you haven't had much Rhone wine lately, now's the time!

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