Four Burgundy Producers You Need to Know About

Posted December 15, 2014

Ian Dorin


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Burgundy has become such a tough category to navigate, mostly because the names that people knew have fallen victim to immense price hikes or the top wines have become "unicorn wines". What's a Burgundy lover to do?

It's all about finding the "next thing", before it becomes "THE thing". Fear not, we've got you covered on the next level of Burgundy producers..

Domaine Pavelot

Fair warning on this one: The word is out. Savigny les Beaunes has become a safe haven for Burgundy afficiandos as the wines remain reasonably priced and somewhat available in the market place. Many producers have jumped up in price, but a few have resisted the major price hikes. Pavelot has been a market leader for years, and is still making some of the top wines year in and year out. Fortunately, Jean Marc Pavelot's flagship offering is also his biggest holding. Les Dominodes is arguably the top vineyard in Savigny, and is easily Pavelot's top wine. This is an estate to buy in any vintage; the wines age effortlessly.

Domaine Camus Bruchon

Staying in the Savigny, this is the next guy on the list that is all about being a "cellar defender" darling. Camus Bruchon is an amazing, traditional producer that has kept their prices low, and their quality high. This another amazing name to buy confidently year in and year out.

Domaine Bertheau

The buzz on this producer is almost deafening! Located in the highly desirable village of Chambolle Musigny, Bertheau his reaching new heights and making a ton of noise on the web. The holdings make Bertheau in line to be a star, but what he's accomplishing in the cellar is what really elevates him above the rest. Keep the good times rolling!

Domaine Bzikot

It's a good thing we've had over a decade of success with these wines at Wine Library. Their recent popularity has them so hard to find that we suddenly find ourselves leaning on our legacy to make sure we've always got these stunners in stock! Owner Sylvain Bzikot has magnificent vineyards, and keeps them as spotless as his famed neighbors in Puligny Montrachet. The wines always drink one level up from what you get in the bottle. Don't miss out on this unreal estate!


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