Fool Your Friends into Thinking You Paid 3x as Much as You Did for This Bottle

Posted October 20, 2014

WineLibrary Staff


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"Come on over for dinner!" they said. "It'll be fun!" they said. And then it hit you: you should probably bring a bottle of wine, because by society's standards, you are an "adult". As you're pondering which bottle to bring with you, there's a plethora of questions going through your mind: How expensive should I go? Does how much I spend on the wine say something about our friendship? How do I know they're not just ordering delivery and hiding the evidence? Do they really know what "expensive" wine tastes like?

Essentially, the main question here is: how do you trick your friends into thinking you bought an expensive bottle, when, frankly, you’re on a pretty tight budget?

A simple solution is the best solution: The 2011 Thorn Clarke Shotfire Ridge Shiraz. The level of fruit-forward extraction found in Aussie Shiraz regularly causes these wines to punch well above their price-points, especially if your friends tend to have that typical, fruit-bomb-loving palate that so many wine drinkers do these days.

In addition to those super-luscious layers of black fruit and berry notes, what gives this wine a shocking amount of class is the way the oak presents itself. This is not just a truckload of vanilla wrapped in bark. This oak went to private school. Meaty, smoky notes blend with baking spice and a vaguely savory finish to round out this shockingly sophisticated $16 bottle.

After all that, you will have effectively convinced them you brought a damn nice (therefore expensive) bottle of wine (even though your bank statement respectfully disagrees on the "expensive" part). Make sure to casually mention the 90 points it got from Parker somewhere around the second glass, but quickly caveat that you’re “not about the numbers,” because really you’re not. Cheers! It worked! They’re impressed, amazed, and you’ve earned yourself an invitation to another dinner. And now we get to do this all over again...

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Thorn Clarke Shotfire Ridge Shiraz

90 Robert Parker - Robert Par...

Item: 80812

750 mL

Retail: $22.00

$15.98 per btl