Five Wines To Reward Yourself With For Being A Functional Adult

Posted November 14, 2014

WineLibrary Staff


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Congratulations! You've made it through another week. If that hasn't earned you a glass of wine nothing has. But there are other, smaller victories that you've experience along the way that maybe don't get quite as much press as the big ones. Don't they deserve a delicious sip/glass/bottle/case of wine, too? We certainly think so. Here are some ideas of how to reward yourself for being such a big, sucessful, smartypants grownup:

Got to work early.

We’ve all been there: the alarm screams in your ear while you frantically hit the snooze button for eight more minutes of sweet, glorious sleep. Your comforter and pillows are too cozy to abandon for winter’s cruel embrace. Today, however, was different. You woke before the alarm and decided to seize the day. Not only did you beat the normal morning commute gridlock, you also made it to work before the boss! To celebrate, drink like a boss with a $16 Pinot that sips like something 4x the price.

Did laundry.

Finally, you told that pile of dirty clothes that’s been living in the corner of your room for weeks who’s boss. Good on you. Sometimes, it’s the simple tasks that require the most willpower to complete. Fold those clean clothes while enjoying the crisp, delicious, and stain-free flavor of some Pinot Grigio.

Made an old-fashioned brown bag lunch.

Whether you’re trying to save a few bucks or eat slightly healthier than what your local food truck has to offer, bringing an old-fashioned brown bag lunch is no small feat. Not only does it require planning and a trip to the grocery store, it also requires a bit of creativity that can be hard to muster unless you moonlight as a gourmet chef. Take the money you saved and invest it in a bottle of serious Chilean juice that that you can savour without breaking the bank.

Finished the big report.

It had been hanging over your head for months. You had what felt like a million meetings for one presentation. There were moments when you thought you couldn’t do it. But you put on your best thinking cap, persevered through the most difficult moments, and finished a report that wowed your client and earned you a standing ovation. Since you’re a team player, pick up a few bottles of Rioja and enjoy a meaty, complex glass-or-two with your favorite coworkers. They won’t soon forget your generosity and fabulous taste in wine. 

Went to the gym.

You have accomplished the ultimate triumph: you made it to the gym. You weren’t going to let Netflix keep you down or be distracted by friends. Your physical well being is important to you. Whether you conquered the elliptical or tossed big-rig tires around the gym, you should be proud of yourself. This deserves bubbly. Grab a bottle of Prosecco and toast yourself. Bonus: You can use the bottle to ice your shins while you make up for lost time with Netflix.

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