Five Wines That Will Be Better in Five Years

Posted April 02, 2015

Geoff Gates


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Your parents passive-aggressively ask it. It’s left the mouths of coworkers. It’s even graced the tongue of your significant other.

So, what’s your 5-year plan?

Ugh, that question again? We humans created this thing in which we call time, and now it seems to dictate everything we do. That being said, it does have its benefits. For instance, we have a deep understanding on when the best time to drink a wine is. With that, we bring to you five wines to crack open upon completion of all your other 5-year plans (and even the ones you don’t quite get to).



2013 Ochota Barrels The Green Room

Purple and crimson clash in this beautiful Grenache. When it hits your mouth it hits HARD, with plum, blackberry, and leather all opting for your attention … AND IT’S ONLY TWO YEARS OLD. Put a couple bottles on hold and it’ll knock your socks off further down the road.


2013 Bila Haut Occultum Lapidem

You’ll have a tough time waiting five years on this one, but stay strong, it’s worth it! A Syrah/Grenache blend, you’ll find hints of tobacco, spice, and leather on the nose with a blend of leathery licorice and cherry raspberry on the palate. This wine is a steal at $24.99, grab a handful of these when you order and save a few for your 10-year plan.


2013 Bodega Chacra Pinot Noir Cincuenta Y Cinco Rio Negro

Close your eyes, put your nose deep into the glass, and inhale deeply. Now, tell me where you think you’ve been transported to. I’ll bet you a fiver that you just said a barnyard, because the nose on this thing made me feel like I was back in upstate New York on the farm shucking corn. The gravel and coarse pebbles these grapes grow in give it bold character that will only get better with time.


2013 Seehof Westhofener Steingrube Grand Cru

You read ​it ​right, folks, we’ve got a white wine on our hands that we think is going to be insane in five years. Aromas of chalk sprinkled lime hits your nose before juicy peach hits your palate. A wonderfully smooth, citric finish is only going to get smoother ​as the years fly by.


2012 Beaucastel Chateauneuf Du Pape Rouge

This Grenache/Syrah blend will be amazing in five years, but you could stretch this one to fifteen years if you’d like. Smoky vanilla and dark fruit are first on the nose, followed soon after by cinnamon and black pepper. On the palate, a beautiful blend of oaky vanilla, black currant, and strawberry will make not achieving your 5-year plans something you don’t sweat.


Geoff Gates gained his wine experience working the tasting tables at Blomidon Estate Winery, giving him enough clout to be the guy who orders the vino at every group outing. A New York native, he's recently moved to San Francisco to write more articles and, of course, drink more wine.

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Beaucastel Chateauneuf Du Pape Rouge

96 Jeb Dunnuck - Robert Parke...

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Bila Haut Occultum Lapidem

94 Jeb Dunnuck - Robert Parke...

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Seehof Westhofener Steingrube Grand Cru

91 Stephan Reinhardt - Robert...

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Ochota Barrels The Green Room

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