Five Fun Ways to Share Wine with Friends

Posted October 09, 2015

Giovanni Sabree


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If you are like me: a wine enthusiast with a group of non-enthusiastic friends, life can get a bit dull. Well, here are five fun ways to get those uninspired friends of yours into your world of wine.

For the casual friends

Host an in-home wine tasting: These are always fun and extremely easy to host. Being a consultant that have hosted plenty of these type of events, I must say the turnout is always great; everyone involved walks away with a tidbit more knowledge than what they came in with. All you need to do is set a date, call your local wine shop, request a consultant and of course buy snacks. (It isn’t a party without snacks!) This is truly a fun night made easy! 

(Learn more about throwing a wine tasting party here)

For the sophisticated friends

Take them to a classy wine tasting event. You know the kind that plays soft music, serve fancy cheeses and just really cater to the theme of an ‘exquisite’ night out. One that comes to mind is the Annual Super-Tasting event that the Wine Library host every year and the tickets are on sale now. This is the perfect way to show those high-class friends of yours a good time. Put it like this, thank me later!

For the party going friends

If you haven’t heard, there is this crazy cool event called Wine Riot. Snatch up some tickets when they come to a nearby city because this is a game changer. During this event you will learn about wine, break out some dance moves and of course drink wine: all under the same roof! Everyone should riot at least once in a lifetime.

For the shopaholic friends

Bring them to your favorite wine shop like the Wine Library and tour the store. We all have that friend that thinks all good wine is obnoxiously expensive, but as you know that isn’t always true. There is so much good wine on the market at different price points for every wallet. If you happen to bring them to the Wine Library, you may just find yourself pulling them away from the Gourmet Library. Those darn cheese samples can be so addictive!

For the homebody friends

If you cannot get them out to wine, then you have to bring wine to them. The best way to do this without being intrusive is to simply find a label that will resonate and gift it. If your friend has a thing for cats and tiny homes, find a label with cats and/or tiny homes. It is really the small things in life that can have the most impact and in our situation reap the best return.

Good luck on your ventures my fellow enthusiast. Hey you may be surprised to find that once unenthusiastic friend – inspiring you - or you may just bump into them on your next visit to the Wine Library! You will never know unless you try.



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