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Posted April 29, 2016

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Secret Case Deal coming Thursday, May 5th
A 2012 Pinot Noir from the Willamette Valley
One of the greatest vintages in history


There has been much talk about the 2012 vintage in the Willamete Valley.  For those of you who are not already aware of the incredible vintage conditions, take note of the following comments from Josh Raynolds of Vinous. 

"The high quality of the ‘12s has been discussed extensively by now but it bears repeating that a near-perfect growing season and harvest set the stage for what is, by my reckoning, the most consistently outstanding set of Pinots I’ve experienced from Oregon since I first started tasting the wines in 1985 and visiting the region in 1995. The best wines—and it’s a formidably large list in 2012—are must-buys for fans of the region as well as for novices. Even those collectors who are normally skeptical about New World Pinot Noir owe it to themselves to see what Oregon can achieve with this finicky variety under ideal conditions, which are a genuine rarity in this normally cool, grey and often rainy area - hotter vintages like 2009, 2006 and 2003 aside.

The only criticism I’ve heard leveled at the ‘12s is that the wines are too friendly (the wine snob version is “too obvious” or “too easy”), but since the vast majority of Pinot lovers—and wine drinkers in general—don’t approach drinking the stuff as an exercise in masochism, such comments are meaningless. It’s a vintage of such consistent quality that one can grab a 2012 off the shelf or wine list with a remarkably high likelihood of getting something that’s utterly delicious." - Josh Raynolds - Vinous.

On Thursday, we will offer up one of our favorite values from this remarkable vintage.  It will be available by the case for just $19.99 per bottle and in addition, critics like Wine Spectator, Vinous and the Pinot Report issued 90+ scores.

We feel it is one of the best buys from this legendary vintage ... and at this price .... will thrill any Pinot Noir lover on our list!

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