Get to Know Spain with Three Amazing Wines under $17

Posted February 16, 2015

Ian Dorin


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As Gary recently said in a recent article on Thrillist, Spain is one of the best places to look for value these days. Well you better believe it, since every one of these wines comes in below $17. But it goes way beyond that for me. I’ve spend some major travel time in Spain, and I have to tell you, the quality there is really just outstanding. Consumers are experiencing a golden age for Spanish wine buying, so get in on it before the prices jump!

2009 Pujanza Hado Rioja

Rioja is arguably Spain's most important area. A source of both production and quality, Rioja is split into three major areas: Rioja Baja, Rioja Alta, and Rioja Alavesa (Where this particular wine comes from). Rioja Alavesa is the oldest, and most important part of Rioja. Nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Cantabria, it's also the highest elevation area of Rioja, imparting an especially concentrated terroir on its wines. Pujanza is a seriously important brand from a quality perspective, and gets immense press in the Spanish market.


2010 Finca El Encinal Ribera Del Duero Crianza

If Rioja is the most important growing region in Spain, the Ribera is very close second. Where Rioja has dramatic changes in the landscape owing to its mountains, Ribera’s topography is much more restrained, if just as diverse in terms of soil compositions. Home to arguably Spain's most important estate, Vega Sicilia, Ribera is an area more known for quality than volume. Most of the newer, more important ownership is actually coming from Bordeaux, as the styles of wine are often similar.


2013 Palacio De Canedo Godello

Galicia has been an area of major importance over the last 20 years, as one of wine’s most dramatic comeback stories has unfolded there. On the brink of extinction, Godello, the native grape, did a 180-degree turn and experienced a comeback only the Eagles could compete with. The turnaround of this grape has been stunning, and is the "comeback kid" of wine. The variety can take on all styles, from zippy and fresh, to rich and robust. Fun fact about Galicia: Their vineyards tend to be very vertically oriented (not unlike Germany), with terraces rarely wider than a single row of vines, and dynamite appearing as a fairly regular vineyard tool!


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Pujanza Hado Rioja

90 Josh Raynolds - Vinous Media

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Finca El Encinal Ribera Del...

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Palacio De Canedo Godello

92 Wine Spectator

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