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Posted February 28, 2016

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Without question, one of our best Italian red wine value deal so far in 2016.  In fact, if you look back over the last 18 months, Sangiovese fans will have a hard time finding a better offer than the deal below.
Currently, there are over 20 other retailers selling this exact same wine for between $19.24 and $26.99.  Our deal is by far, the least expensive in the country and when you add in the free shipping by the case .... it turns out to be a flat out no brainer!

Poggio Scalette Chianti Classico 2012
List Price: $25.00
Normal Sale Price: $19.99
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This is the kind of wine to buy by the case ... and serve all year long
Take a moment to think ahead.  Think of any event, party or large family gathering in the next several months that you might need wine for.  In many cases, these gatherings call for wines that will please a variety of people.  From the novice wine lover, to those in the group that have collections of their own.
The goal for events like this is to find the perfect wine that will please everyone.  This is the perfect wine for occasions like that!  Not only does it offer up plenty of character, it's silky smooth finish leaves everyone coming back for another glass.
A big time crowd pleaser from start to finish.  Pour it for your next group and sit back while the compliments come flying in.  
One thing is for sure.  They will think you paid much more than $15.99 per bottle.  

It's the ultimate, everyday, ready to drink, 90 Point Sangiovese

The review below really says it all

"Made from 100% Sangiovese, this opens with a lovely floral fragrance of violet and iris. Ripe sour cherry dominates the palate accented by toasted notes and black pepper. Even though it’s not complex, the juicy fruit and smooth tannins make this friendly and delicious. -KO" - 90 Points - Wine Enthusiast.
These are the kind of red wines we search for everyday.  Wines that overdeliver for the price point.  Wines that are flat out delicious and exciting to drink right away.  Wines that you can open on just about any night of the week without breaking the bank.
Top flight winemaking: Vittorio Fiore 
One of the most recognized names in all of Italy, Vittorio Fiore is perhaps best known for the wines from this incredible estate.  If you are not familar with the history of Fiore, read on.

"After many years of consulting work and of wines for other producers, he was able, in 1992, to realize a long-held dream: that of creating his own proprietary wine estate. Together with his wife Adriana he acquired, in that year, the Poggio Scalette farm on the Ruffoli hill in the township of Greve in Chianti which, in a short space of time, became one of Tuscany’s, and Italy’s, most prestigious wine estates. Thanks as well to the crucial contribution of his son Jurij, a professional winemaker trained at Beaune in Burgundy, who runs the property." - Winery

He is perhaps best known for the highly regarded Il Carbonaione, which was named as one of Leonardo LoCascio’s 25 Most Influential Italian Wines of the Last 25 Years.  With only 15 hectares (37 acres) this is a small production gem made by Father and Son on some of the best terroirs in Tuscany.

The Chianti Classico, 100% Sangiovese, is a great entry into the world of Vittorio Fiore.  His ability to make amazing wines on just about every level is what makes him a great representative of such a noble grape.  The lushness and balance of this wine will go with multitudes of food from around the world, while being easy enough to drink by itself.  
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Item: 94092

750 mL

Retail: $25.00

$19.99 per btl