Coming soon: A new 90 Pt rated Wine Spectator Cab Sauv. for $14.99. Details inside

Posted October 08, 2016

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90 Points Wine Spectator
$14.99 per bottle on sale
Cabernet fans ... this is the value you have been waiting for.
What was the last really great Cabernet Sauvignon you have had in the $15 or under price point?  For those of you who read the Wine Spectator on a regular basis, think about the last time you bought a great Cabernet in this price point ... that also had a 90 Point score. 
Generally speaking, when a Cabernet of exceptional quality comes around that has a 90 Point Wine Spectator score attached to it as well ... it sells through very quickly.  That's exactly what we expect to happen this Thursday when we announce our latest find.

Bottom line - this is a tremendous value for Cabernet buyers.  In addition, watch for a special free shipping offer as well!

Make sure you’re signed up for our main email list as we will email the full details on this exciting new find at 10 AM EST on Thursday, October 13th!  Cheers.