Buy Six and Save: 2010 Brunello Six Pack Deal

Posted April 23, 2016

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Coming this Thursday, April 28 an exciting deal on 2010 Brunello.

You may not have heard of this small production estate. That's what we do best - find these hidden gems. Italian wine buyers, you have certainly heard of their neighbors: Soldera and Gaja. Maybe those names ring a bell? This 94pt 2010 Brunello di Montalcino will be on sale for the lowest price in the country. Can't wait till Thursday? Here's three clues.

1. Small Production Estate

Only 7 hectares (15 acres for us Americans). Though the vineyards are densely planted, meticulous vineyard work keeps yields extremely low. There's not a lot of this wine, and what little is bottled is full-bodied and dense.

2. Famous Neighbors

The couple behind this estate started renting land in the seaward side of Montalcino in 1993, just a year before Gaja moved in. That's the kind of neighbor you welcome with a platter of cookies and a bottle of Champagne. Not only do they have Gaja next door, they've also got none other than the Tuscan icon Soldera. They've got the hottest vineyards in Montalcino; this is prime real estate.

3. Lowest Price in the Nation

This wine typically retails in the $60 range. Gaja's Brunello comes in at $70. Soldera's wine....well, forget that! We'll be offering this wine at an amazing price ... just $39.99 plus free shipping when you buy a 6 pack!  For the best savings, stock up on a six-pack. And believe us - you'll definitely want to get in on this deal early!

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