The Best Wine Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

Posted August 28, 2015

Mariah Adcox


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In a place where all our dreams come true, wine would always be served alongside a cute pup. Follow @ShibaSommelier, and consider those dreams that much closer to reality. You’ll see this pup posing with various wines, while the captions are filled with vivid descriptions of their taste. And to make things even more perfect, the wines are rated in bones. Bones, people, bones!


This account’s instagram bio reads “You're a fine wine won't you Back That Glass Up.” You know we love a good wine pun, and if that wasn’t enough to make us immediately follow, the beautiful and interesting labels featured definitely are.


We don’t just like wine, we like all things wine-inspired, and @GrapeFriend provides a dose of both. Here you’ll find not just stunning scenery shots and home-cooked meals featuring the glass of the night, you’ll also get a front row seat to the cutest wine gadgets, and even some wine-inspired jewelry!


If we had things our way, we would like to visit every vineyard we’ve ever heard of. But, when we can’t, we can head over to the @VickyWine instagram feed to take a little vacation from our desks. Featuring shots of vineyards from around the world, Miss Vicky Wine makes you feel like you’re among the vines.


Looking for peace of mind? Than you’ve come to the right place. Deirdre Heekin’s feed features shots of her farm and winery, featuring shots of ripe tomatoes, beautiful cottage, and the occasional pig or chicken. There’s nothing like a beautiful landscape to make you want to kick back and relax with that perfect glass of wine. Next time you pour yourself a glass, visit @DMHParis and pretend you’re there. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did.


Because “wine is meant to be crunk” is a motto we can get behind, and one that @DirtySouthWine stands by. @DirtySouthWine is run by Hardy Wallace, the co-owner of Dirty and Rowdy Family Winery. Not only do they have one of the nest names in the business, their photos give you a behind-the-scenes look into how their wine is made. Come for the beautiful sunset shots and sweeping winery views, stay for the party.


Want to try a new wine or keep an eye out for deals on an old favorite? You’ll find both at @WineDeals. When you love wine as much as you do, you deserve to find the best we have to offer - for less. Because inexpensive wine should only be a few thumb swipes away.