Beaujolais Nouveau is Here! Get the Specifics Before You Buy

Posted November 20, 2014

WineLibrary Staff


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Around 40 years ago, Ringo Starr was asked what he thought of lighter versions of Beatles songs piped in as "elevator music." He said that it was "very fruity." Which is why I always think of Ringo's words when the subject of Beaujolais Nouveau comes up. Because, above all else, Beaujolais Nouveau is indeed "very fruity."

The phenomenon of Beaujolais Nouveau has been around for a long time, started in 1967 by "Mr. Beaujolais" himself, Georges Duboeuf. Without getting too technical (you can click here for more details), the wine is bottled weeks after harvest and only goes through a partial fermentation. The result is a wine with ultra ripe fruity notes, quite enjoyable as a delicious quaffing wine without being too serious. It should be served with a slight chill but certainly not icy cold.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Beaujolais Nouveau got a big boost in popularity during the "wine boom" of the 1980s. The wine is traditionally released on the third Thursday in November, usually a week in advance of Thanksgiving. This is more than a coincidence, as the typical flavors of Beaujolais Nouveau marry quite well with a traditional Thanksgiving meal. The fruitiness of the wine acts as a counterpoint to the moist flavors of the turkey. More important, the flavor of cranberries is a perfect pair with Beaujolais Nouveau. And, to be totally honest, this wine is enjoyed by the masses, even by people who normally don't drink wine, like the teenagers at the table or your blue-haired aunt who is 91 years old.

We're keeping it simple for you

Wine critics and consumers will often hone in on the differences between one producer's Nouveau versus another's. Frankly, because of the wine's unique style, there are more similarities than differences. Years ago we used to feature many Beaujolais Nouveau producers, but have cut back since then, concentrating on a few favorites.

For 2014, the vignerons were once again blessed with a fine vintage. At Wine Library, we narrowed our selections down to two favorites, both great values at their respective price points

2014 Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais Nouveau

Here's "the original" and still one of the best. The 2014 features a beautiful ruby red color. A pleasant scent of fresh grapes and small juicy red fruits dominate in the aroma. This wine will scintillate your palate with the pleasure of an excellent Nouveau. At $8.98, it's as kind to your wallet as it is to your taste buds.

2014 Terres Dorees Beaujolais Nouveau Villages

If you are looking for a premium Beaujolais Nouveau, this is it. Last year, in a blind tasting of 2013 Beaujolais Nouveau, the Terres Dorees was the clear winner. The grapes come from a better appellation (Beaujolais Villages) and this Nouveau offers more depth of flavor and complexity than the lighter version from Duboeuf. At $11.98, it's not too expensive and worth every penny.


Item: 83644

750 mL

Retail: $12.99

$8.98 per btl

Item: 85075

750 mL

Retail: $14.99

$11.98 per btl