Arrives this Thursday: The wine that seems to have it all ... and then some!

Posted July 08, 2017

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* An outstanding score by Robert Parker
* A world famous winemaker
* An incredible bottle of Cabernet from California
* From one of the best vintages in recent memory
On paper ... this huge offer that we have set to arrive this coming Thursday seems to have it all.  In your glass ... well ... just wait until you try this.  All in all, this is a flat out star buy from start to finish!!
First off, one of the most famous wine critics in the world, Robert Parker, issued an outstanding score and review for this wine.  Many of you who have been reading Robert Parker's the Wine Advocate have noticed that Parker himself is not reviewing as many wines as he used to.  In fact, the last issue of the Wine Advocate that was posted didn't have a single review from Mr Parker himself.  The wine we are offering on Thursday, did have a Robert Parker review attached along with an outstanding score.  For those of you who have been buying wine that Mr. Parker recommends .... Thursday will be a day to mark on your calendar.
On top of that, one of California's biggest names when it comes to winemaking is behind this wine.  Many wine collectors will know his name in a second and so many of you on our e-mail list have purchased wines made by this all star over the years.  This exciting release, is just another outstanding wine made by one of the best in the business!
If you are a California Cabernet lover ... this is for you.  All the way ... from start to finish ... this is for you.  It's a classic Cabernet that you can enjoy now or cellar for another 10+ years.  For those of you considering a six pack ... or even a case or more - you can enjoy some now, and put the rest aside to rest for years to come!

Finally, lets not forget how great the 2012 vintage was in California.  Especially for Cabernet!  This is just the icing on the cake of this deal.  Vintage after vintage, this wine has produced outstanding praise and while the verdict might still be out over what vintage is best, there is little doubt that the 2012 vintage we will offer, will be a huge crowd pleaser!

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