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Posted August 11, 2016

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"This wine just delivers" - Gary Vaynerchuk - Star of WinelibraryTV

Not only is this one of the most respected names in all of Italy, Jermann recently beat out Santa Margherita to become the #1 most requested Pinot Grigio in a Wine and Spirits Magazine restaurant poll.

It's safe to say that this is, without question, a stunning bottle of white wine.  Period.  Gary V went on to say, "Just on the acidity .... on the mid palate of this wine ... it destroys 90% of the Pinot Grigio you guys are drinking between that $12 and $18 price point.  When I think about how many of you drink Sancerre ... and don't go into Pinot Grigio ... because of Santa Margherita ... this is the passion behind this video."

Check out Gary V's video below and see for yourself.  Bottom line, when it comes to white wine in general, we don't know of many offers that can't even come close to delivering the kind of overall quality this blockbuster white offers. Even those of you who drink primarily red wine will flip over what this brings to the table.


Jermann Pinot Grigio 2014
92 Points Natalie MacLean
91 Points James Suckling
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If you've had Jermann Pinot Grigio, you know how impressive this wine is, delivering flavor, structure and complexity in a category that is, dare we say it, diluted. Stop now and order your case.

Our own Gary Vaynerchuk recently tasted the 2014 Jermann Pinot Grigio and offers up his tasting notes below!

If you haven't had Jermann, get ready to be impressed. Pinot Grigio and water are not, in fact, synonymous. This is the Pinot Grigio you've been looking everywhere for, the top-selling Pinot Grigio in restaurants nationwide, a 91-pointer with the personality to show for it.


Santa Margherita was #5. Jermann was #1.
The restaurant scene and the critics agree - Jermann is top for flavorful Pinot Grigio.

In a recent Wine and Spirits Magazine poll of restaurants across the country, Jermann - not Santa Margherita - was the top-selling Pinot Grigio, a reflection of the wine's consistent quality, as well as the loyalty of restaurantgoers to truly good wine. Selections like Jermann Pinot Grigio are, as the author of the Wine and Spirits Magazine article notes, "bottlings that restaurant guests return to... because they're trusted benchmarks." They survive wine list revamps, menu updates and season changes. They are trusted, reliable wines that never fail to deliver.

It's wines like this that make you want to drink Pinot Grigio again.

And it's not only diners who think Jermann should be top on the list. As our own Gary Vaynerchuk noted above, "When I think about how many of you drink Sancerre... and don't go into Pinot Grigio... because of Santa Margherita... this is the passion behind this video."


The 90 + point scores continue.
Jermann is no stranger to high praise. This vintage is no different.

Jermann's 2014 Pinot Grigio earned 91 points from critic James Suckling and 92 points from Natalie MacLean. Both praise the wine's refreshing liveliness, an expected feature of most Italian Pinot Grigios. What's more unexpected, and more indicative of this wine's golden reputation, is that each review notes the weight of this wine on the palate. MacLean says the wine is "Robust with more complexity than most Italian Pinot Grigios." Suckling compliments the wine for its "Full-body, crisp acidity and a long, flavorful finish."

James Suckling went on to note, "A bright clean white with lemon, lime and mineral character. Kiwifruit, too. Full-body, crisp acidity and a long, flavorful finish. Crisp, lively Pinot Grigio. Drink or hold."

Vintage after vintage, Jermann's Pinot Grigio is a star. The last four vintages of this wine earned 90-plus point reviews from James Suckling. This wine is expectional for the complexity it offers, surprising for most Italian Pinot Grigio, yet a quality that has come to be expected of the wines from this revered estate.


Why Jermann? The answer is simple.
This is one of Italy's top producers.

"One of the most highly regarded white wine producers in Friuli," Lettie Teague writes of Jermann in her Wall Street Journal article, The Pursuit of Pinot Grigio with Personality. In the same piece, she relays this bit of dialogue

"Is this the way the grape is supposed to taste?" asked a friend, holding up a glass of the Jermann. "It actually tastes like something."

Exactly! Jermann's Pinot Grigio is not just any old Pinot Grigio. Please, don't serve it ice cold - there is flavor to savor here!

Located in Friuli, a region know for denser, more complex expressions of the variety, Jermann is one of the top producers for rich, concentrated Pinot Grigio. Teague singles out the estate, noting the Pinot Grigios are "serious and weighty" dinner-worthy wines. Karen MacNeil names Jermann one of the best producers of Friulian Pinot Grigio in her book The Wine Bible. Jermann is a benchmark producer for outrageously good Pinot Grigio - that's why it stays on restaurant lists, even now giving names like Santa Margherita a run for their money, and earns high praise from the critics.

Longing to be convinced Pinot Grigio can have personality? Already a Pinot Grigio Lover? Ready to try something a little different and want to explore outside of Santa Margherita?  We agree. We know you're going to flip for this gold-medal white!


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