6 Wines to Bring Home to Your Parents that Will Convince Them You're Doing Alright

Posted November 21, 2014

India Kieser


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Let’s not beat around the bush. It’s almost Thanksgiving, so naturally you are preparing yourself for the endless questions and plethora of judgemental comments you will receive upon returning home. What is the scientifically proven best way to combat all of these things? That’s right: wine. Save your breath for that political debate you and Uncle Charlie are bound to have, because a really good wine can send the perfect message. No need to respond to any inquiries when you have these.

In all seriousness, any of the below wines are great for impressing your awesome family while you gorge yourself on the best food this time of year has to offer. Cheers!


You want to say: “College was totally worth the money and I am doing great in the job market.”
The wine to say it for you: 2010 Bodegas Izadi Reserva

So your liberal arts degree in 1850's comparative British Literature isn’t working out. So what? Nobody has to know that! This wine will do all the talking for you. Let your family members savor a glass of the 2010 Bodegas Izadi Reserva while they bask in the knowledge that by the end of this wine’s 10-year drinking window, you’ll have settled into a nice, safe masters in business administration.


You want to say: “I’ll be bringing home the perfect significant other any day now!”
The wine: 2013 Lagoon Hill Sauvignon Blanc

The past few relationships haven’t lasted, and it didn’t help that dad was going through that obsession with outdated cat videos (who gave that man an iPhone?). But with this wine, all fears will be assuaged. What says “commitment is around the corner” better than the sweet taste of citrus and ginger, right?


You: “I have moved on from cheap beer, I am a fine wine connoisseur now.”
The wine: 2012 Light Horse Pinot Noir

A steal at $10.98, this wine will taste like you spent $44. No joke. Perfect for the task at hand. Fool everyone and look good while doing it. As you pour it for your already wide eyed family seated around the table, be sure to say something like “Now, normally I don’t go for domestic Pinots, but this was a great year for California.” Suckas.


You: “There is a 60% chance I will not ask you for money at all this weekend.”
The wine: 2013 Veramonte Ritual Pinot Noir

This wine boasts several amazing tastes, including strawberry, light hazelnut, and hints of lemon peel. It will tell parents “I am self assured and dependant on no one but myself.” Plus, it’s a $16 wine that tastes like a $40, so that’s basically all you need to know right there. It also has a pretty substantial ABV, so when you do inevitably ask for money, maybe they’ll be too tipsy to remember.


You: “Don’t worry, I closed my literary zine and took a job as a copywriter at a digital agency.”
The wine: 2011 Terranoble Carmenere Grand Reserva

We know you’ll miss chatting with Tim at Kinko’s as you wait for the final copy of your anarcho-vegan issue to be printed, but, Tim’s presence can easily be replaced with this delectable wine. Immediately your parents will sense a change. Don’t even bother describing the new job, becuase they probably don't know what a brand content curator is anyway; just let the deep, intense flavors of roasted cherry and raspberry waft over them as they sip. 


You: “I  am definitely not eating instant noodles every night for dinner.”
The wine: 2009 Goubard Bourgogne Rouge Mont Avril

That cookbook Aunt Susan got you called “One Pot Meals for One” is definitely not gathering dust by a pile of takeout menus. To convince people of this, collecting Burgundy might be the furthest you can get from eating ramen. Although now that we think about it, that might actually end up being an awesome pairing… but you didn’t hear that from us.


India Kieser is a wine enthusiast with a passion for pairings. Follow her here.


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