5 Wine and Popcorn Pairings for Your Next Scandal Binge

Posted November 20, 2014

WineLibrary Staff


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Thursday! It’s time to invite the crew over, break out the corn-popper and corkscrew and get ready for a White Hat, plot twist-filled kind of night. In Olivia Pope fashion, here are five wine and Pope-corn (sorry, not sorry) pairings to compliment the DC drama.

Let’s start with the 2010 Finca El Encinal Ribera Del Duero Crianza paired with cheesy popcorn (life hack: powdered cheese from boxed mac n’ cheese). Don’t let the juxtaposition of the dry, fruity flavor throw you off. Think of these grapes as Cyrus: dry and to-the-point, but definitely goes that extra mile (to put it lightly) for the president. Voilá!

Another option is the 2008 Capanne Ricci Brunello Di Montalcino paired with Crab Shack Popcorn (Old Bay seasoning in place of salt). The Italian delight that is this wine mixed with the spicy saltiness of the popcorn creates an Olivia/Fitz-like chemistry.

Another Scandal-ous option would be to buy gingerbread popcorn alongside a bottle of 2008 Schloss Schonborn Erbacher Marcobrunn Riesling Spatlese. This wine brings a little sugar and some fantastic acid balance to the pairing The acidity and tang of the wine balances and nicely compliments the sweetness of the popcorn.

Option four: Buffalo ranch popcorn (hold your applause) with the 2010 Estefania Tilenus Roble. For the popcorn, combine two tablespoons of buffalo sauce with butter and toss the popcorn in the mixture. Sprinkle on the ranch seasoning and toss some more. The wine you’ll be enjoying has been sitting in a French Oak barrel for between eight to twelve months AND has graduated with the highest rating of tannins. The spicy finish perfectly complements the buffalo kick in this bowl of awesome.

Lastly, try the 2007 Gran Elias Mora Toro paired with truffle popcorn (truffle sea salt, a drizzle of truffle oil, and melted butter). Let’s just use the word “complexity” to describe the wine, but not Huck’s-secret-addiction complexity. This is more along the lines of Mellie’s side of the First Closet. This super-classy combination is the essence that is Olivia Pope & Associates.

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