25% Off The Perfect Valentine’s Day Wine + Chocolate Combo

Posted February 12, 2016

WineLibrary Staff


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“I love you” is good. “I got you wine and chocolate” is MUCH better.

Valentine’s day can really sneak up on you some years. One minute you’re feeling good about having gone a whole month without skipping the gym (well done!), and the next you’re scrambling for chocolate, flowers, wine, steak, and tastefully written cards.

The steak and the flowers are on you, pal. The wine and the chocolate? We’ve got those standing by.

Say hello to the perfect Valentine’s Day Wine + Chocolate Combo

We put together a package of our favorite Cabernet Sauvignon, an 85% dark chocolate, and a luxurious white chocolate just for this special day, and we’re offering it at an even more special price! Let’s break down the specifics

The Wine

The Competitor Cabernet Sauvignon is our secret weapon for all special occasions. Why? It’s a $20 bottle of wine that tastes like a $40 bottle of wine. Replete with ripe, lush fruit, an expressive nose, and structure for days, The Competitor has been a huge hit with us since the day we first tried it. Coming from California’s extremely trendy Lodi valley, the polish and quality on this Cab is absolutely outstanding, so we did something sneaky and bought the wine before it was bottled. If a normal wine brand had bottled this, they would have charged way more, but because we bought the juice outright, we were able to bypass a ton of extra markups and pass the savings onto you. It’s the ultimate wine pro move.

The Chocolate

We picked two chocolates from Green & Black’s (Side note, Green & Black’s is our absolute favorite chocolatier. We know a thing or two about sourcing fine gourmet products, and we haven’t encountered anything better.) that are the perfect compliment; both to this wine in particular, and Valentine's day!

First up, we have the 85% Cacao Bar. Made with organic, Fair Trade Trinitario beans, this is the most intense bar Green & Black’s makes, which makes it the best to have with red wine. It’s important to note that when pairing chocolate with wine, the less sugar in the bar, the better, so a dark, brooding bar like the 85% ends up emphasizing the fruity, luscious characteristics that this particular wine already has in spades. It’s a really smart way to bring out the best in both products.

The other bar we included, call it dessert, is the White Chocolate Bar. While this will still be great with The Competitor, this is meant to be consumed after your wine and dark chocolate as a sweet, luxurious treat. Produced with Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, and Pair it with some fresh fruit for a sensual snack that will get you in the mood for… the rest of Valentine’s day.

The Best Part

Together, this package would normally cost you about $27 dollars. But we’re in the mood for love, so we’re going to knock it down to only $19.99 for the whole deal! Why? Because we love you, that’s why. Happy Valentine’s day.

Click here to pick up our Valentine's Day Cabernet and Chocolate package for just 19.99!


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