The 2011 Bello Chardonnay: A $45 Cult-Status Napa White for as Low as $24.99

Posted May 21, 2015

WineLibrary Staff


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If you love Rombauer, Jordan, Grgich HIlls, Ramey and others ... wait until you try this.

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This is the Chardonnay our wine team is drinking this summer.

Yes, we sell tons of premium Chardonnay from the likes of Rombauer, Jordan, Grgich Hills, Pahlmeyer, Shafer, Ramey and many more each and every summer.  This year however, we've got a big alternative to offer to all of our customers that, dollar for dollar, we believe is the far superior deal! In addition, it currently has a 92 Point median score on Cellar Tracker!

Introducing the 2011 Bello Family Napa Valley Chardonnay

Released at $45.  On Sale for $29.99.  

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It's not something new.  Each year, our wine team sorts through hundreds of bottles of Chardonnay, looking for a handful of bottles that really impress us on a variety of levels.  The 2011 Napa Chardonnay from Bello was the one that really blew us away this year.

From our Wine Director, Ian Dorin: "The big thing that jumps out at me is the balance of this wine .... I really like this - especially with food. This is really going to be the great Chardonnay for people who like the full flavor, I don't want to say the oaky, buttery, because this wine really goes beyond that.  There is so much more raw material to this wine that makes it so much more complete."

Our Sales Director Steve Fahy added, "Phenomenal - A lot like Meursault in terms of its complexity and depth.  Gorgeous wine - well made - well integrated - impressive!"

VP Brandon Warnke added "Impeccable balance and good weight with notes of vanilla, pear, stone fruit and a flavorful finish that is so refreshing, finishing the bottle may happen sooner than you think."

All in all ... it's easy to see why this is the Chardonnay we will be pouring to our own friends, family and fellow wine lovers all summer long.  

It all started with a tweet.

Ok, first things first. If you're not following us on Twitter, you should be.  

Back in August of last year, Ian Dorin, Steve Fahy and Brandon Warnke spent a week in California searching for several new wines to bring in for the store during the holiday season.  If you look at what we talked about from August 15th through August 20th, you will see some of the inside info that only a wine buyer can bring you.  We know ... it's a rough life.  

In preparation for the trip, we sent out an email to several estates we wanted to visit in an effort to set up as many appointments as we could.  

One of those highly sought after appointments was with Bello Family Vineyards, and if you check out our tweets from August 20th - you will see one wine in the photo below in particular that we were really excited about.

Bottom line, we were in love with these wines ... and why not?  Aaron Pott was the winemaker at the time, and the wines in general across the board were incredible. We started with the whites and moved on to the reds ... but the 2011 Napa Chardonnay was one of the first wines we tasted while we were there.

Now we're bringing it to you ... at an incredible price.

Who is Aaron Pott?

From Robert Parker: "Aaron Pott is about to become the next brilliant winemaking consultant to burst out from the shadows of consulting with his own bevy of sensational and individualistic wines. His résumé is impressive, having worked with the likes of the late Christine Valette at Château Troplong-Mondot, Michel Rolland, and Johns Kongsgaard at Newton ...Kudos to Aaron Pott who appears to have put himself in the top hierarchy of Napa Valley’s most illustrious winemaking consultants."

Those are notes from Robert Parker himself after tasting through the latest releases from Aaron's own label, Pott Wine - If you are not on the list, you might want to get on it. (

Ummm ... Yeah.  This is a winemaker we are pretty excited about.

Pott was the winemaker behind the 2011 Bello Family Napa Valley Chadonnay we are offering today, and with his years of experience, it's easy to see why we loved this wine as much as we did.  With years of experience at wineries like Quintessa, Newton and Beringer, it's no wonder Pott is one of the hottest names in Napa winemaking.

"It really is pretty amazing" - Chris Bello

The fruit for this Chardonnay comes from the Thompson vineyard that Aaron Pott knew well. 

Planted in the 1970s on the Napa Valley side of Los Carneros in cool-climate clay soils, Thompson Vineyard has established itself as one of the preeminent vineyard sites in all of California.  Thompson’s extraordinary reference-point fruit has secured its place as the foundation for  many of the most exciting white winemakers in California today, including Shafer Vineyards Red Shoulder Ranch, Frank Family, Rombauer and Grgich Hills!  Aaron Pott himself LOVED this site, turning Bello Family Vineyards onto the fruit after having used it for some of his own projects.

It spent 16 months in oak that really helps to give it the hallmark balance our wine team has been raving over.

All in all, from the vineyard sourcing, to the winemaking, to the final price of this brilliant offering, it's easy to see why this was such an easy choice for us.  Finding Chardonnay with this much pedigree behind it is not always an easy task.

This wine makes it look easy.

Click here to buy the 2011 Bello Chardonnay now!  Remember, the case price of $24.99 per bt plus free shipping when you use the code BELLOCHARD is valid for 24 hours only!

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