The 97-Point 2010 Il Marroneto Brunello di Montalcino. Was $75 Now Only $54.94

Posted June 04, 2015

WineLibrary Staff


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From the best vintage of Brunello in modern history...

Introducing the 2010 Il Marroneto Brunello di Montalcino

97 Points Wine Enthusiast

95 Points Wine Advocate

95 Points Antonio Galloni

Normal price: $75

Wine Library Special Price: $54.94

Want to know why this is one of the most talked about names in Brunello right now?  You will know the minute you taste this wine for the first time.  This estate has been on fire of late and this particular vintage earned incredible press (as high as 97 Points) and is without question, one of our very top buys from the 2010 Brunello campaign.

An important note here - If there is one 2010 Brunello you buy heavy on ... this should be the one.  Without question, this will go down as one of the wines of the vintage!

For more than 30 years, Alessandro Mori, owner/winemaker for Il Marroneto, has embodied all that is Brunello: passionate, pedigreed and monumental in his professional and personal convictions.  Mori's capacity for leveraging the magic of Northern Montalcino’s most prestigious sub zone has raised the standard for how critics around the world view this prized wine, many of whom have singled out Alessandro Mori as someone who embodies what has become Brunello's greatest moment.

“This is a classic Brunello from an iconic vintage…This is what the great wines of Montalcino aspire to be, one of the historic estates of Montalcino.” -Monica Larner, Robert Parkers Wine Advocate

Sharing the same magical corner of northern Montalcino with luminaries such as Casanova di Neri, Il Marroneto’s history is relatively young, dating back to the late 1970s when Alessandro's father bought prized vineyard property and immediately got to work, releasing their first Il Marroneto Brunello in 1980.  Alessandro, then a young man, hastily learned to respect and master his craft under two of Tuscany’s greatest masters of the trade: Mario Cortevesio (Il Poggione Brunello) and Giulio Gambelli.  While both have been widely considered master ecologists and the real architects of everything that is great in Tuscany, especially Brunello, it was Gambelli that Gianfranco Soldera of Soldera Brunello di Montalcino said that ‘Giulio tastes what others do not, there’s no-one like him’.  This conversion, of sorts, forced Mori to respect all that is Brunello: the vines, the grape, and a history of traditional winemaking that at this point, makes Alessandro Sori one of the undisputed giants of the region.  

The same morning we interviewed Alessandro Mori for today’s offer, he had received word of his cover photo on one of Hong Kong’s most highly regarded wine publications, "Wine Times".  Add to this the meteoric rise in scores (into the upper 90s) that Il Marroneto has received from all the major U.S. wine critics, and you have the makings of a must-have Italian red for your collection!  Why the recent incredible fanfare around this tiny property, and Alessandro Mori responds as truthfully as his collectible-level wines: it is the result of his profound respect for the region's own iconic history that have made such masterpieces easy to produce.  THIS is that masterpiece and something that belongs in your cellar.

Tuscany's beautifully-situated hilltop town, Montalcino, is considered by most to be the birthplace of one of Italy's fullest bodied, most richly-textured, cellar-worthy red wines.  Boasting elevation that is as divergent and geology that is as diverse and varying in complexity as the people who make up the country, Montalcino's ancient calcareous and at times sandstone-laden soil finds it zenith in the Northern corner of the zone where Il Marroneto lives, neighboring such well known luminaries as Casanova di Neri.  As indicated by Michele Ricci of Montcalm Imports, it is this very zone that some of the greatest Brunelli are produced, even in the most challenging vintages.  Il Marroneto in particular has been a force for traditional vineyard management, based on minimalist natural methods to profoundly maximize the local terroir's treasures all the way from crush to bottling!  

Listen to importer Michele Ricci discuss the epic 2010 Brunello vintage

The 2010 Brunello Vintage is on fire, literally.  Every one of our wine collectors, AND every major critic, has been asking for what's available in 2010 Brunello, and today's offer on the 2010 Il Marroneto is the perfect embodiment of this iconic year. And the reviews show it. At 97 points from the Wine Enthusiast, the 2010 Il Marroneto is the highest rated (non single Cru) Brunello di Montacino from the entire vintage, beating out Biondi Santi, Ciacci Piccolomini Pianroosso and Altesino Montosoli!  Wow.  Antonio Galloni, Monica Larner, the Wine Spectator, all wax poetic on this monumental vintage and on Il Marroneto in particular.  There should be zero hesitation from you to buy this.  At today's price, this is must-have for the collector and Italian Wine Lover, period.

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