12 Thanksgiving Wines Under $12

Posted November 18, 2014

WineLibrary Staff


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Planning a menu, arranging airport pickups, figuring out who has to sleep on the air-mattress in the den; all of these are just a normal part of the classic American Thanksgiving experience. Tiring? Yes. But we love them.

Buying wine isn’t on that list this year. Why? We’re taking that work and doing it for you. Because we like you. A lot.

So here you go. 12 fantastic wines under $12 that will be absolutely perfect for your Thanksgiving feast. Mix and match to build the perfect case to fit your taste!


Ruffino Prosecco Extra Dry

Look there is basically no negotiating here. It’s not a holiday without bubbles. We prefer it to be consumed before, during, and after each meal, so you basically have your work cut out for you.


2013 Fiorano Pinot Grigio

The ultimate crowd-pleaser. It’s fresh, it’s clean, it’s perfect to open a couple bottles around noon when everybody starts snacking. You can’t go wrong here, and if you have a big family, it’s always a good plan to have a few bottles on hand for picky drinkers.


2013 Monkey Bay Sauvignon Blanc

Why is this wine so ideal for Thanksgivng? Because it will cut right through those fatty sauces. With a bit more zing than the Pinot Grigio, you can be sure to taste it through all the delicious gravy and turkey.


2012 Light Horse Pinot Noir

Pinot is the ultimate Thanksgiving wine, mainly because it is so versatile. This bad boy is a lighter example of the grape, so it’s perfect to sip on in that hour leading up to the big feast. Still plenty of room for stuffing.


2012 De Bertoli Shiraz DB Selection

Everybody loves a good fruit bomb! This shiraz is basically liquid cranberry sauce, so you can already see where it fits into this particular meal. Try not to pour it on your mashed potatoes, though. Nobody needs to deal with that.


2010 Estefantia Tilenus Roble

The showstopper. Savory, nuanced, and complex, the Tilenus is what you pull out when you have the family wine geek at the table. It’s a nerdy grape, from a nerdy region, but more importantly, this wine is absolutely, drop-dead gorgeous with strong red fruit backed up by smoke, pepper, and tightly-integrated tannins. Buy a case and drink it all season.


2012 Lockhart Pinot Noir

This is THE quintessential food-friendly, mineral-driven Pinot Noir. It’ll go with everything on the table, so feel free to stock up and dont be afraid to open a second bottle. Cheers!


2013 Herencia Altes Garnatxa Negra

Remember when we said that Pinot is the ultimate Thanksgiving wine? This Garnacha (don’t let the wild spelling scare you) might give it a run for its money. A Cinderella-story red wine, the Altes is made from vines that are nearly 100 years old, and shows surprising complexity for the price, with bright, raspberry-infused acidity that is just begging to be tried with every dish on the table.


2011 Peter Lehman Clancy's

Big and expressive, this Cab/Merlot/Shiraz blend has a lot going for it. A solid all-arounder with great concentration and balance of terroir-driven minerality against hints of baking spice and vanilla.


2013 Cavalo Preto Malbec

This is the perfect wine for anything roasted on the table. With rich, strong aromas of ripe fruits, chocolates and violets, it has a long finish and the perfect amount of acidity.


2012 Hudson Rock Cabernet Sauvignon

For those who eschew the turkey for steak. We salute you.


2011 Michele Chiarlo Barbera d'Asti

And then there are those of you who insist on having pasta with gravy and demand that the gravy be cooked with farm-raised sausage so spicy it catches fire. Cin cin, to you! Load up on the red sauce, don't skimp on the Parmigiano Reggiano and for heaven's sake make sure to grab a couple bottles of this Barbera!



Item: 75143

750 mL

Retail: $14.99

$9.99 per btl

Item: 75863

750 mL

Retail: $15.99

$11.09 per btl

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Michele Chiarlo Barbera D'asti

88 Wine Spectator

Item: 78944

750 mL

Retail: $14.99

$10.18 per btl

Item: 80697

750 mL

Retail: $12.98

$9.98 per btl

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Peter Lehmann Clancy's

90 Wine Spectator

Item: 80814

750 mL

Retail: $19.99

$8.88 per btl

Item: 81009

750 mL

Retail: $13.99

$7.41 per btl

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De Bortoli Shiraz Db Selection

89 James Halliday - Australia...

Item: 81588

750 mL

Retail: $11.99

$8.88 per btl

Item: 82197

750 mL

Retail: $14.99

$11.98 per btl

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Estefania Tilenus Roble

90 Luis Gutierrez - Robert Pa...

Item: 83007

750 mL

Retail: $13.99

$11.00 per btl

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Light Horse Pinot Noir

93 Wine Review Online

Item: 83605

750 mL

Retail: $14.00

$10.98 per btl

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750 mL

Retail: $12.98

$9.98 per btl

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