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Kentucky Owl Takumi Edition Bourbon Limited Release


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  • 92 The Whisky Advocate
  • 4 The Whiskey Wash
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Creamy caramel syrup, well-spiced apple pie, brown sugar, and a burst of cherry make for an enticing nose. Stay awhile, and more aromas emerge: light char is joined by lemon pound cake, baked apples, and vanilla fudge. The palate is silky smooth and offers raspberry jam, maple syrup, coconut flakes, more apples, and hot cinnamon spice; with water, it stays just as enjoyable, if a little less heated. The finish packs a baking spice punch and lingers on and on. SRP $150

4 The Whiskey Wash

A friend of mine is a Japanese whisky expert who owns a collection of whiskies from the island. He and I shared the Kentucky Owl bottle recently, asking ourselves whether shipping Kentucky bourbon to Japan for blending was more than a gimmick. Would we actually be able to detect a hint of the Japanese sensibility? It’s hard to say in the final analysis, but we both liked the Takumi Edition and decided it does have an understated sensibility that would be at home in Japan. Japanese whiskies have a tendency to be crisp, clean, and light, while bourbon is often more in-your-face with sweet and strong flavors. ------ We opted to give Nagahama’s Yahisa Yusuke credit for helping shape a whiskey that reflects the tendency toward crisp, clean, and light. And Kentucky Owl’s John Rhea credit for sending him high-quality bourbon in the first place.

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Item # 132356
Category Domestic Premium Whiskey

92 - The Whisky Advocate

4 - The Whiskey Wash

Size 750mL
Vintage N/A