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Picture of people standing in grape vines In Depth Report: Domaine de la Janasse Published Thursday, Apr 28, 2020

There are many attributes that go into a winery that would put it on the short list of Legendary Producers in France. Domaine de la Janasse..... Continue reading Domaine de la Janasse


Picture of Arnot-Roberts rose wine label Jason's Wine of the Week Published Thursday, Mar 12, 2020

For anyone who knows up-and-coming California producers well, the wines of Arnot-Roberts need no introduction. With a signature..... Continue reading Jason's wine of the week


Picture of a vineyard Grant’s Wine of the Week Published Wednesday, Mar 11, 2020

This honestly blew me away! It was exactly what I look for in a young, approachable Rhone wine. It has a ton of fresh purple fruit upfront with some black pepper and assorted spice..... Continue reading Grants's wine of the week


Picture of Hermitage wine label Ben’s Wines of the Week Published Tuesday, Mar 10, 2020

I’ve spent 20 years in the wine industry at this point, in virtually every aspect of the sales side: restaurants, distributors, marketing, and retail. Here’s what I‘ve learned..... Continue reading Ben's wine of the week


Picture of vineyards with buildings 2015 Brunello, a Truly Historic Vintage Published Monday, Mar 9, 2020

Brunello di Montalcino is easily one of the most collectible red wines. Some will even say that it is the finest wine made in Italy. One thing we do know..... Continue reading about this Historic Vintage 


Picture of formula 1 race cars coming towards the camera WF1 Racing and Wine? Why Not? Published Thursday, Mar 5, 2020

The Fia Formula 1 Racing season is about to begin. Some of the fastest and best race cars ever created will be racing all over the world and..... Continue reading about F1 and wine


Picture of tower with cross on it What is that Wine? Published Thursday, Mar 5, 2020

Rioja. People ask for Rioja on a regular basis, but after talking to them, they rarely know exactly what they are getting. That is okay, we are here to bring you an in depth..... Continue reading about what is wine


Picture of Et Fille wine label Wine Spotlight: 2015 Et Fille Willamette Pinot Noir Published Wednesday, Feb 26, 2020

When it comes to American wine regions, California has dominated the conversation.... Continue reading about Willamette Pinot Noir


Picture of LOYO from Yolo wine label Wine Spotlight: 2017 Loyo from Yolo Published Wednesday, Feb 26, 2020

The warm weather is right around the corner and when it comes to finding amazing quality white wine for the price, it can be difficult at times. Luckily, there are some gems out there that.... Continue reading about Loyo from Yolo


picture of sassicaia wine label next to the godfather movie cover Movie Pairing: The Godfather Published Monday, Feb 24, 2020

A movie synopsis paired with Tenuta San Guido’s 2015 Sassicaia. Some of the best American movies are “mafia movies”. There may not be any as popular.... Continue reading about the godfather wine pairing


Picture for wines to drink with netflix viewing The 3 Wines to Drink With Your Next Netflix Binge Published Friday, Feb 21, 2020

It seems like every week there are a handful of shows and movies that you can get caught up in released on Netflix. Whether it is a new.... Continue reading about netflix wine pairings


Picture of Brunello wine label Wine Spotlight: 2012 Casa Raia Brunello di Montalcino Published Thursday, Feb 20, 2020

Montalcino is a hot spot for some of the biggest names in Italy when it comes to collectible wines, especially Brunellos. To find great value though, you have to dig for a great producer.... Continue reading about Casa Raia Brunello di Montalcino


picture of Bodegas olarra label Wine Spotlight: 2015 Bodegas Olarra Summa Rioja Published Thursday, Feb 20, 2020

Bodegas Olarra is known for their wine making ability as much as they’re known for their passion for architecture. The same innovative mentality they use to design and build these pieces of architectural art, they apply to their wines.... Continue reading about Bodegas Olarra


Picture of Biacomo Borgogno label Wine Spotlight: 2011 Giacomo Borgogno & Figli Barolo Liste Published Wednesday, Feb 19, 2020

Barolo is one of the oldest regions in the world, and within that region, there is no producer that has more of a historical presence than Giacomo Borgogno & Figli.... Continue reading about Giacomo Borgogno


Picture of Alleromb Scarline Cab label Wine Spotlight: 2011 Alleromb Scarline Cabernet Published Wednesday, Feb 19, 2020

Aryn Morell, a Washington State native, was on a mission in the wine business. After college he went onto making wine in Napa Valley where he was able to get 90+ point ratings... Continue reading about 2011 Alleromb Scarline Cabernet


Picture of wine glass with light shining through it 2017 Vintage Port Report Published Friday, Feb 14, 2020

Vintage is absolutely everything when it comes to producing Port. There are grapes grown every year, but there are specific vintages when wineries see an uptick in quality at time of harvest and then declare a vintage. They then produce a wine... Continue reading about Vintage Port Report


Picture of Wine Library branded wooded wine case Five Insane Wines Under $20! Published Tuesday, Feb 11, 2020

Finding wines that really over deliver at a reasonable price can be difficult, but there are some ways that you can pick out a wine like a professional and be confident that it will drink better than what you paid for... Continue reading about wine under $20


Picture of sushi A Perfect Pairing: Sushi Published Tuesday, Feb 11, 2020

When going out to eat, having the perfect wine to go with your food can make a good dinner great! Today we talk about different wines that go well with everything Sushi... Continue reading about sushi pairings


Aerial picture of vineyard What Is That Wine? Published Tuesday, Feb 11, 2020

Barbaresco. There is no question that the best of the best of Nebbiolo is grown in the Langhe, nestled in Piedmont, Italy. As we look a little close though... Continue reading what is that wine